IPGP Data Center

This webservice gives access to earthquake parameters that have been manually reviewed by Piton de la Fournaise Volcanic Observatory (OVPF), Guadeloupe Seismic and Volcanic Observatory (OVSG) and Martinique Seismic and Volcanic Observatory (OVSM).

All the events are in a unique common database. In the Antilles, the events north of 15.5° North come from Guadeloupe observatory while at the south of this latitude, they come from Martinique observatory.

SeisComP3 FDSNWS Event Web Service

The event Web service provides access to contributed origin and magnitude estimates in QuakeML format. Events may be filtered e.g. by hypocenter, time and magnitude parameters. The request type is HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST. Please refer to http://www.fdsn.org/webservice for a complete service description.

Available URLs

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